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The End Is Just The Beginning…

In the finale of ALL SAiNTS Chapter 1, a superstar cast featuring Josh Moore, Boomer Banks, Francois Sagat, Ricky Roman and more come together as the layers of mystery surrounding certain identities begins to be peeled away. 

The spiral of life circles around to the beginning, revealing a continuation of the mythology featured in the award-winning series Answered Prayers.

Part 4 sees Adrian (Calvin Banks), a grad student who has begun diving deep into his research as an assistant at the Institute of Religious Studies in New Orleans, after becoming increasingly fascinated by the more magical and fantasy-driven aspects of the Bible. With the arrival of a lawyer seeking answers (Carter Dane), after experiencing sightings of a particular being, he sets off a chain of events that is soon to open up a world of mystery, power and understanding that will change his life forever…

The finale also features special appearances by Levi Karter, Carter Dane, Troy Accola, Calvin Banks, Cory Kane and Ben Masters!

ALL SAiNTS, is broken up into 3 Chapters with each Chapter containing 4 episodes, with more to unfold throughout the year, only at

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