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by Quin

This flip-fuck scene has been happily anticipated for the past month or so… and enthusiastically received. And if you’ve seen any of the previews, you’ll know why. Levi Karter is a definite fan favorite, and with new Cockyboys model Angel Cruz he leaves his mark. Levi and Angel are well-paired and enjoy each other thoroughly, from making out to blowing each other – and, of course, that fucking they’re been waiting for. Read on for Jake Jaxson‘s description of Angel Cruz and Levi Karter Flip-Fuck –¬†and then check it out yourself! Make sure you bring your cum rag ;)


Angel Cruz and Levi Karter are absolutely adorable together. The chemistry between these two was undeniable. Levi admits that “he hasn’t been that excited for a scene in a long time” and Angel was “eager to do it all.” And once they found themselves alone in an empty room nothing could stop them.

Angel is a passionate kisser and we all know Levi is a sucker for a good kisser. And when the kissing is just right – all bets are off! Laying down on the flood, in a 69 position, the boys prepped each others’ dicks and holes for a marathon flip-fuck. First was Levi who gets pinned down and railed until he can’t handle it anymore. But Angel is just getting started. Next, Levi is holding on to the wall as Angel drills him from behind. Luckily for Angel, Levi is skilled at not only taking dick like a champ but also giving it right back as well. Back on the floor, Angel lifts his legs up to take Levi in all the way. It’s not long before both guys can’t hold it anymore and shoot their loads simultaneously. Once done, Angel’s chest and face were covered in cum which he was more than happy to scoop up with his fingers and lick it all up. What a great way to start the year!


Jake Jaxson

What fans are saying about Angel Cruz & Levi Karter:

“Hot! They looked well into it. Beautiful as always, Levi. He makes a great top. Angel, welcome! Hot and passionate, great scene x Sucker for Spanish accents.”
-Cockyboysfan 01/09/2015

“Holy Hell … this was HOT!! Levi and Angel both knocked it out of the park. One of the best I’ve seen! Thank you Gentlemen!”
-Ms. A 01/09/2015

“WOW! Just wow! Cockyboys does it again! There’s a level of passion here rarely seen on other sites. Angel is a welcome addition to the CB family. His chemistry with Levi is palpable! I’ve watched the scene twice now and I expect it will go straight to the top of my all-time CB favorites. Thank you JJ, RJ, Levi, and Angel and anyone else who worked on the scene! Brilliant work, AS ALWAYS!”
-Kev1229 01/11/2015


    Levi Karter is so sexy
    January 23rd, 2015 8:00 pm

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