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In The Music Teacher, Cockyboys treats us to not just a hot fuck between the jealous Cain (Duncan Black) and the talented cellist (Saxon West), they introduce us to another part of the complex Answered Prayers story – complete with behind-the-scenes footage of Jake Jaxson himself. Though the scene was ultimately awarded the bonus status, Jake’s directorial magic shines through in this scene as clearly as in all the other AP films. And the characters share a chemistry that makes The Music Teacher a real bonus worth watching. Check out Jake Jaxson’s personal message below – and then head to the website yourself!


Director’s Note from Jake Jaxson:

Happy New Year!

From all of us at CockyBoys, THANK YOU for helping make this a fantastic year for our company and all of our performers. It seems like the year has just flown by for all of us. But it’s a year we won’t soon forget! It’s been a real pleasure getting to meet, talk, tweet, communicate with so many of you this year. Like so many, we have had good days and bad, we have worked hard and played hard, and we end the year feeling better for having lived it. I hope the same is true for all of you. Let’s keep working together, to celebrate GAY SEX in a way that is empowering to ALL! YES, I said “together,” because we cannot produce what we do with out YOU, our loyal members, viewers and fans.

Love Always & Be Nice!

Jake Jaxson

PS: Hope you enjoy this VERY hot deleted Answerd Prayers scene! It was very hard for me to cut it from the set of original films, but I’m very proud of the effort and great performances from Duncan Black & Saxon West. Enjoy!


Scene Description:

In this exclusive Answered Prayers bonus scene, Duncan Black‘s character, Cain, is fleshed out with a tense and erotic back story involving a music teacher played by Saxon West. Haunted by jealousy, Cain uses his seductive powers to steal the musical talents of a stern yet vulnerable cello instructor. He studies his movements, his teaching methods, and ultimately his sexuality until he receives what he wants in the end. This featurette also includes behind the scenes interviews with Duncan Black and director Jake Jaxson.

What fans are saying about The Music Teacher:

“Thank you for sharing. I love those glimpses behind the scene. And the scene, set and concept is beautiful.”

“I just have to say that the Answered Prayers series has totally spoiled me enjoying anything porn has to offer… sensuous erotic and beautifully filmed. The guys have been filmed & presented in such a way that they look like they could be arthaus regular actors… supremely superb… Not sure whether to say thanks or DAM U…!”

“Duncan was perfect. Those eyes, that back. Miss him. Loved the premise, and the cello is my favored instrument, now even more so. The lighting and cinematography on this one is perfection!!”

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