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Jake Jaxson‘s erotic fantasy epic ANSWERED PRAYERS continues with the fifth installment of the series, The Redeemer. Picking up from where the titillating two-part The Lamb left off, The Redeemer is centered around a once-mortal boy experiencing life in between two deaths. We’ve seen Puck (Levi Karter) before as one of the Sons of Chaos, but now he has been summoned to inherit an ancient legacy he’s unprepared to accept.

Puck embarks on a journey of self-discovery, not knowing, and ultimately possibility. Equipped with both independence and responsibility, Puck learns he has been chosen to replace his father Jinks (Jake Bass) as a guardian to the tree of knowledge. All the while the Lamb, having banished Seth and Moloch and killed Jinks, is still more powerful than ever. Puck must find the ability to confront him, but until then, he develops a special bond with Seth. Where Seth failed with the Lamb, Puck succeeds. They explore the bond they share, and discover that redemption can only be achieved through balanced reciprocity, the possibility in the unknown, and love without shared expectations.

Featuring more knockout performances from a continuously growing cast of the hottest CockyBoys, The Redeemer is the second to last chapter in the mind-blowing ANSWERED PRAYERS series.

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Jake Jaxson

“Wow, great chemistry. Best AP scene since The Banker! It told a great story and more importantly had a super hot sex scene. I am looking forward to the next installment. Also, excellent performance by Bella. First time I ever enjoyed a female performance in porn.”
-WLGP 12/20/2014

“I’ve never seen anything like this before. Excellent, thank you so much.”
-Talentscout 12/21/2014

“There are some eloquent and well written reviews out so my words will pale in comparison but there is something that struck me very powerfully. Levi Karter is masterful in his portrayal of youth and innocence in the beginning and how it contrasts with the seductivness, sensuality and raw sexuality of the passionate exchange with Dean Monroe. This entire episode is a wonderful roller coaster ride of emotions. Thank you seems inadequate for the visual artistry, quality story line, and sexual beauty CockyBoys has given us.”
-LBLOVE 12/22/2014

“One Word………. Phenomenal!!!!”
-JS 12/21/2014


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