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by CallMeCocky

The Before The AfterGlow series returns this week, with two RAW and HOT AF scenes!

On Tuesday, we saw Ethan Slade and Ty Mitchell indulge in their realest of turn-ons… everything leading up to that “UNNFF” penetration factor: FOREPLAY… where Ethan describes the edging process makes everything more intimate, while Ty admits his love for those “hot, intense loads” after edging for a while. The two are definitely on the same page, as they tantalize and slowly work each other up throughout the scene… complete with nipple play, passionate kissing, body worship, tongue fucking, teasing and more!

Watch Before The AfterGlow: Ethan Slade & Ty Mitchell NOW at COCKYBOYS.


On Thursday, Calvin Banks welcomed back Finn Carson to Cockyboys after a 2 year break! Finn admits that he’s (usually) fairly ‘vanilla,” but when at the Cockyboys house… discovers he “sees the sides” of himself that are much more kinky than he thought he was. Finn wants the nipple play, the teasing, the rubbing-the-cocks-together. Calvin admits that although “condom sex can be hot,” the bare skin-on-skin “intensifies the pleasure” and brings the two people “closer together.”

Watch Before The AfterGlow: Calvin Banks & Finn Carson NOW at COCKYBOYS.




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