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by Nick Swallow


Today our office had a special guest: Mr. Joe Oppedisano (Joe O). He was shooting these two attractive model businessmen in our stairwell…and let’s just say a daring young member of the Kink Ink blogging team decided to tag along and snap some photos.

Just so you know, the photos are low-quality ’cause Joe was really particular about the lighting and our photographer didn’t want to disturb the balance (so he didn’t use the flash).

APPARENTLY the two guys he shot weren’t even supposed to have sex. They were just pissing in the urinals, took note of each other’s dongs, and then ended up fucking in the stairwell. What can I say, Joe O. tends to bring the magic out of everyone (and by magic…I don’t necessarily mean magic…heh heh heh).

*For you dumbasses out there, Joe O. is the photographer behind UNCENSORED as well as the photographer of my exclusive Pierre Fitch photos [and the cover of Knockout].


Joe and a Model



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