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by Cory Kane

Meet Cockyboys‘ newest exclusive Damian Grey!

With Ben Masters providing a very warm welcome, Damian makes his Cockyboys AND porn debut. In his introduction during the scene, this fresh-faced 20-year-old lights up over his excitement, while reminiscing about having admired Cockyboys since he was in his early teens!

Growing up in small-town Arkansas, Damian explains his desire to become a performer:

“I wanted to do porn so that I could escape my lacklustre life back in Arkansas, and experience a new community, and a new world of things that I never thought would be possible for me,” he says. “I came out when I was about 17 years old, being in Arkansas that was very difficult. I got a lot of negative feedback from it, but it made me grow as a person, and I am very happy that I did what I did, when I did it, and I wouldn’t take it back. Now that I’m working with Cockyboys, it’s gonna be a whole new era of my life and I’m extremely excited for it.”

Damian talks about his first encounter with Ben, where the two are seen getting a little naughty in public while exploring an old train… before heading back to the house to really get things going!

Out on the sun-porch beside a blazing fireplace, Ben starts tasting and enjoying Damian’s cock and very-full balls before diving his tongue deep into his ass. After priming Damian’s hole, Ben bends him over the chair and begins thrusting. Damian moves to take a ride on Ben’s cock, moaning and enjoying every inch, before Ben flips him on his back over a cushion to fuck a massive load out of  him. Once Damian squirts all over his tight abs, Ben pulls out and creams him with even more! WELCUM to Cockyboys Damian!

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