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by Quin

For the second time in a year, Cockyboys is making the trek overseas! Last spring it was to Europe for the book tour of A Thing of Beauty; this time it’s to Germany for the Berlin Porn Film Festival, where two of their films, Fuck Yeah Levi Karter and Answered Prayers: The Banker, will be screened. We’re so pleased to have some of our work included in this highly significant film festival, and to have the chance to share it with some of the fans we rarely see over in Europe! The film festival, which is in its ninth season, is host to many progressive, indie porn films from around the world, so it’s an exciting honor that Cockyboys has been recognized amongst all the possible candidates.

Let’s take a moment to review the two Cockyboys films that will be shown at the festival.


The first, Fuck Yeah Levi Karter (FYLK) is a documentary-style piece filmed mainly by its own star, Levi Karter. Compiling footage he’d accumulated over the course of a few years, the film allows us a tender, sexy, and at times raw look into Levi’s life, before and since beginning his work with Cockyboys. Anyone who knows Levi or is a fan of his scenes is aware that he is a little firecracker, bursting with energy and ambition, yet remaining humble and sweet enough to keep a good balance in his work life, which for him can so often be crossed with pleasure. In FYLK, Levi shows glimpses into his relationship with his mother, and with a boyfriend, both of which are affected by his transition into porn as a career. A desire to be understood and accepted for his choices is apparent when Levi converses with these people who are so important to him, but they are not always able to meet him with acceptance. In the end he reaches an uncertain peace with his mother; it’s clear she loves him, but some things will be irrevocably changed by his career decision. This doesn’t stop him, however, from being his natural, sexually charged self.


The second film, Answered Prayers: The Banker, stars (as you should know!) Jake Bass and Ricky Roman, with a voice cameo from Dean Sage. This is the pair’s second scene together, and while both scenes are excruciatingly hot, The Banker offers a backstory complete with drama, conspiracy, and Jake using a giant pair of scissors to cut Ricky’s clothing off his body before they have sex. As the first installment of the Answered Prayers series, this film set things in motion with a huge bang – well, once Cockyboys managed the insanely large amount of traffic to the website, which temporarily slowed everything down! Jake is, as always, a tour de force in this scene, and Ricky embodies the title character with conviction and finesse. From the opening clips of war, violence, and news broadcasts, to the equally explosive ending, The Banker sucks you into the world of Cockyboys’ creativity and mouth-watering sex.

It’s easy to see why each of these films were chosen, from the Cockyboys library, to be featured at the film festival. FYLK offers a real-life documentary story that people are able to relate to, whether they’re porn stars or not; sex, coming out, and relationships are experiences we may all go through in our own lives (in the queer community, anyway). And The Banker is that compelling work of art that takes us away from our own lives, for a little while, suspending the everyday and reminding us of the grander themes of existence and meaning. We can’t wait to have these little films, which mean so much to us here at Cockyboys, shared with a wider audience in the wider world. We hope to see you there!

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