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by Nick Swallow

Jinks (Jake Bass), who last time we saw him was saving the soul of the Banker (Ricky Roman) from eternal damnation and delivering unto him copious amounts of oral & anal sex, is back- to try and help another poor lost gay dude. The Pundit (Chris Harder) is a douche-canoe of a political bitch, the worst kind who will push any agenda that gets him ahead instead of upholding the integrity of his office. He uses a personal Healer (Diesel Washington) to suck out the stress that results from these deceits, as well as get a nice relaxing massage before his next session of political games.


This time, however, the Healer has had enough. The hypocrisy of the Pundits life is poisoning his own and he feels it’s time to take action- to once and for all suck the poison out of the Pundits, erm, spirit? I’m a layman when it comes to this, but if poison is thick, white and shoots out of a cock, then the Healer certainly knows what he’s doing.

As I said before, Jinks wants to help but he’s a little razzled after his banker intervention, so he calls on his sons (yes, Jake Bass had sex with a lady and had babies!) Luck, Puck, and Abel (Levi Karter, Dillon Rossi, and Bravo Delta) to help save the soul of the Pundit from Moloch’s (Max Carter) powerful & evil mitts.


What ensues is a full on hate-fuck by the Healer, as he’s liberated from worldly concerns by the three brothers influence and can concentrate on one thing- screwing the hell (literally) out of the Pundit’s vulnerable body. Chris deep throats Diesel’s big, thick dick and then gets pummelled up the ass by him. He’s thrown into different positions and shown the error of his ways via inch after inch of cock working it’s way into his soul (or his ass, depending on your interpretation of the scene).

Diesel ends the re-education by clarifying the fact- all over Chris’ face. Yes, the healing waters of the Healer spreads themselves thick and gloopy like across Chris’ blissful, sated expression and does it’s magic. Now, I always wondered why masseur’s always complained that it was a tiring job- now I know why!

Check out the extended trailer below and see the whole scene for yourself here!

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