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by Nick Swallow

Chris Harder recently posted a great post about his 6th year anniversary of moving to NYC, talking about how he first moved to NYC and his acting dreams, and then what led him to become a stripper/gogo/boylesque/porn starCheck it out here, it’s very entertaining!


Here’s a snippet below:

“Two days ago, June 1st to be exact, I marked six years living in New York City. I know everyone says this so at the risk of sounding maudlin, I’ll still join in the chorus of, “I can’t believe the time’s gone by so fast!” It really does feel that way though. Six years ago I hauled a duffel bag packed with as much clothes and play books as possible onto a plane from Minneapolis to New York—well actually New Jersey. I didn’t realize it at the time but Newark Airport is of course located in New Jersey. When I got off the plane I somehow made it to the Jersey version of Penn Station, all the while thinking I was in Manhattan.

I was a sitting duck for this brilliantly charming homeless man who immediately swept me under his wing, helped me find a train to the actual Manhattan Penn Station, and then even walked me over to the right platform. He of course then proceeded to hit me up for money, but looking back now I think it’s obvious he more than earned it. In fact, I don’t think it had even donned on me that this guy was homeless and that he was hustling me because I was simply that lost. Or naïve. Or really, both. Anyways, I gladly gave the man ten dollars—that seemed like a fair amount, right?

However, I think my navigator must have then assumed I was one of those dumb rich kids—in fact, I was a dumb poor kid—and kept hitting me up for more money until I finally convinced him that I really (really) didn’t have any more cash on me.”

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