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by Nick Swallow

Ah, life. I’m finally back home in South Carolina where today I wandered to the mall with no jacket, just a purple cardigan. About to go eat some of Momma Ritz’s lasagna, and then it’s back to this bed for me. Or maybe I’ll go watch Christmas specials on TV.

Speaking of Christmas specials–and before I get to the Cocky Boys–I watched Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown the other day…dude. I was never a fan of Charlie Brown as a youngun but apparently I just missed all the humor then. This shit is hilarious! I recommend if you haven’t seen it since your days of pre-full-brain-development youth, you should check it out:

Haaaaaaa just kidding, that’s the “uncensored” version. You can find the real full-length version on the Internet pretty easily if you just google “charlie brown christmas watch online.”

In other, more porn news, I heard word via the carrier pigeons that deliver to me down in the boondocks that Cocky Boys’ BORN TO FUCK is currently riding the #2 slot on JRL’s best-selling gay porn DVD, beating out even Treasure Island’s BONE HEAD.

Born to Fuck, #2 Best-Selling Gay Porn DVD in America!

born to fuck cocky boys

#2 in the country... and rightly so.

If you’ve missed any of my posts about Born to Fuck, or if you just want to “refresh” your “memory”, click here. And FINALLY, the official trailer for Born to Fuck is available. Sit back, unzip that fly, lube up, and watch the trailer for Cocky Boy’s Born to Fuck right here.

Click to watch Cocky Boys Born to Fuck trailer

Second Cocky order of business:

First Time Fucked— Available for Pre-Order!

First Time Fucked cocky boys

Available for Pre-Order!

With cover model Brodie Sinclair, watch these never-been-fucked holes (at least not on camera) get plowed, used and abused. First Time Fucked is the highly anticipated second release from Cocky Boys. For even MORE PICTURES and a DESCRIPTION of the CONTENT for FIRST TIME FUCKED, follow ATJ:

Scene One: Brodie Finally Gets Fucked!

Top stud Brodie Sinclair finally gets fucked! His scene is more like a
straight boy getting punished – finally submitting to a taboo, doing
something that he really doesn’t want to do. Brodie gets fucked by R.C.
, and it’s a sight not to be missed. Brodie is definitely not used
to his hole being stuffed. In a surprising turn of events, Brodie cums
not once, but twice! When you’ve got a cock hitting that joy button
inside of you, anything goes.

Scene Two: Bobby Clark is Split Open

Next up, it’s time for Bobby Clark to
be split open. Who better to ease Bobby Clark into his first time
taking some dick than little, blond, non-threatening M.J. Taylor (and
his nice cock)? After Bobby gets M.J. nice and hard with a blowjob,
returns the favor and gets down on his knees for Bobby to slurp on
his dick. After that tonguing, Bobby slides M.J.’s cock into his tight
hole. Who knew Bobby would be able to handle a cock his first time out?

Scene Three: Wolf Hudson Gives it up to Jesse

the King of Kink, is put through his paces and topped by bottom
boy extraordinaire Jesse Santana. After some serious oral work, Wolf’s
hole gets drilled by Jesse. Wait until you see Wolf begging Jesse to
fuck his tight hole, and Jesse complying as he gives Wolf a seriously
hard ass pounding.

Eirc Blaine & Jarred King

Top man Jared King is not used to things going
up his ass, much less a cock. But when Eric Blaine uses dildos and then
his big ‘n meaty cock on his hole, Jared has no complaints.

Vinyard gets Fucked

super-top Derrick Vinyard is taken to a secluded park and has his hole
widened by Dante.


Alright, now back to lovin’ and movie watchin’. Hopefully this post will provide you enough balls-draining action to last a few days. Though expect a special holiday present from my dick to yours. XOXO

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