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by Nick Swallow

Cockyboys can do much more than fuck hard and look stunning while they do it! Check out this hypnotising video of new Cockyboy Justin Matthews from our latest release ‘Kiss Hug Fuck Love‘, as he picks up a guitar, strums and melts our hearts with a camp-fire-side acoustic set, all the while watched by an impressed and adoring Colby Keller & Duncan Black (who he goes on to have a stunningly hot threesome with).


Then the next day, as Colby and Duncan lie in bed, Justin is busy composing a new song as morning sunlight streams though the wide windows of his Palm Springs pad. His music wakes the two men in the next room, who’ve got morning boners that they put to good use…

So there’s the safe for work camp-fire song to check out, and the not safe for work song that Justin performed the next day- go check them both out!




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