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Did you know some of our fans travel to other countries to see the Cockyboys? Well, it’s true! Just last weekend blogger Miss Martine took a plane up to Calgary, Canada, to see Levi Karter and Ricky Roman dance onstage at the Pure Pride celebration with drag queen Adore Delano. Also along for the ride was budding fan Susan, who has already attended numerous Cockyboys events and just couldn’t wait for the next one to come along in NYC. The two avid fangirls took in all the sights Calgary had to offer, but most importantly, the boys they had come so far to see.

As our Cockyboys always are, Ricky and Levi seem to have been gracious hosts and entertaining performers as well, stripping onstage (as much as they were allowed to!), showing off their sexy dance moves, and of course interacting with the crowd, handing out large glow sticks and blowing kisses. And the party didn’t stop there. The happy travelers were treated to an amazing show from Adore Delano as well, and later on to a private meeting with her and the boys in their hotel room! Could you ask for a better Pride celebration?



Here at Cockyboys we were pleased to learn how much the fans had enjoyed themselves while abroad, and we had to share the story with the rest of you! Check out the explicit post, Cockyboys To Adore Delano, on Foxygirls Blog for the full details, and for the collection of photos from their evening at Pride. If it was even half as fun as it sounds, then it was definitely worth the international flight!

Enjoy, and stay tuned for more cute Cockyboys posts from our newest blog writer, Quin!


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