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by Quin


There are plenty of erotic photo book collections, even plenty of gay erotic photo books, whether designated as “gay” or simply happening to contain sexual images of a homoerotic nature. But until this year, none of these books contained photography by the one and only RJ Sebastian, Cockyboys videographer and photographer of the gorgeous, sexy Cockyboys models and their incredibly stunning sex scenes. And now, with the publication of A Thing of Beauty in March and the upcoming 69 Positions of Gay Sex in December, brought to you by Bruno Gmunder Press, there will be two of RJ’s photography collections in existence. The publication of these books is one more sign of the unique nature of Cockyboys and the way they conduct their porn business – not conforming entirely to the typical gay porn model, but branching out where they choose, into other venues and opportunities of sexual expression. You could look at A Thing of Beauty as the first step toward being comfortable with gay eroticism (if you weren’t already sitting there, cock in hand, for example), and 69 Positions of Gay Sex will be the next step, taking it from the simply sexy to the explicit, bridging the gap between eroticism and actual pornography.


Cockyboys hasn’t always made this distinction with such purpose. Before the days of RJ Sebastian, there was considerably less finesse and care put into the aesthetic of the studio, but it’s thanks to this very aesthetic they’ve now developed that Cockyboys has come as far as it has, and been able to publish their work in the book format. Spurring a worldwide book tour, A Thing of Beauty has received acclamation wherever it’s gone, including on, where all of its reviews give it five stars. And we can only imagine that 69 Positions of Joyful Gay Sex, which made its appearance as a mockup in Jake Jaxson‘s and RJ Sebastian’s meeting with Bruno Gmunder last week, will follow the path of Cockyboys’ first photo book into stardom. What sets these books apart from other books of a similar nature is really the identity and talent of both photographer and models, capturing chemistry where it happens and presenting it in high quality images. RJ Sebastian’s signature soft lighting and clear shots showcase the beauty of models such as Jake Bass, JD Phoenix, Tommy Defendi, Ricky Roman, Gabriel Clark, Max Ryder – the list goes on and on. It’s a book you can be just as proud to have on your coffee table as in your bedroom.

And with the holiday season approaching, both A Thing of Beauty and 69 Positions are books you might consider for others in your life who appreciate male beauty and sex; ATOB even has autographed copies available for purchase. Even better, it works equally well as a gift for people who have been nice or naughty this year! You can preorder 69 Positions of Joyful Gay Sex at And don’t hesitate to try out the positions yourself in the accompanying card game!



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