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by Quin

We know our Cockyboys are stars of the porn screen. We know they’re sexy as fuck and give us their all in every scene, whether sucking cock, bottoming like a champ, or showing us their best cum shots. But what about their other videos – the ones they record themselves, that are personal on a different level? As you might know, several of our models share their thoughts, beliefs and little glimpses of their everyday lives on their YouTube channels – it’s not porn, but it’s just as entertaining to watch your favorite Cockyboy, whether it be Ricky Roman, Tayte Hanson, Levi Michaels, or Liam Riley, being their fun, sexy selves. You might even learn something that makes you enjoy them more than ever.

Pillow Talk with Ricky Roman

Ricky Pillow Talk

Ricky’s YouTube channel is dedicated to his Pillow Talk videos. Just like real pillow talk, Ricky’s videos are sweet, intimate and more than a little sexy. As he talks about what he’s been up to and answers questions submitted to him on his tumblr, Ricky’s genuine spirit and passionate beliefs show through. In his most recent video, he mentions hitting the gym and going to Mirabar with Dustin Gold, and addresses some tough issues (brought up by his tumblr followers) with conviction and finesse. You should definitely spend a little time in bed with Ricky Roman.


Tayte TV

Tayte TV

Tayte’s YouTube channel is the upbeat alternative to Ricky’s suave style (although there are plenty of videos shot from the comfort of his bed as well!), and ranges from the serious to the funny – and all in that totally swoon-worthy voice. Whether he’s filming an amusing TayteTV short, or performing a workout routine for your edification, Tayte is always entertaining and riveting to watch. In his latest video Tayte reveals his new haircut and talks about his upcoming role in Answered Prayers: The Actor, a film we’re all dying to see. Until it comes out though, get your Tayte fix from any of his fabulous videos!


Life with Levi

Levi Snow

Levi, that blond, bearded god, has his own YouTube channel featuring a variety of videos for your viewing pleasure. Though most of them follow a traditional vlog format, covering little events of his life or musings about his day, Levi never fails to show off his sharp sense of humor – not to mention his gorgeous blue eyes and killer smile. In Levi’s last vlog update it had been snowing in NYC! As a Texas native, poor Levi isn’t sure how to handle the cold NYC winter – do you have any suggestions for him? I’m sure you can come up with something that would keep him warm…


Liam Riley: Love Yourself

Liam Love Yourself

Liam has been with us for just a few short months so far, but he’s already made a splash in the Cockyboys family. His first scene, with Levi Karter in Meeting Liam, was a huge hit – and he’s got plenty more hot scenes coming up soon. But Liam makes an impression in other ways too. His kindness and independent personality always shine through, and in his YouTube video Love Yourself he sticks up for everyone who’s experienced someone telling them they should be different. To be straight instead of gay, to be less flamboyant or more macho, to be anything other than who they are. It can take strength to be yourself, and in his video Liam shows us that strength. Thank you, Liam.

All of these models are true Cockyboys. Not just because of their sexy bodies and hot scenes, but because they embody the Cockyboy Manifesto – to “Be proud. You are not a type. You are you. Cockyboys are proud, confident men, at times funny, goofy, sometimes crazy, and shy. They love and want to be loved.” And we definitely love them!

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