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by Cilantro Che Guevara

RoadStrip Bangover

Anyone who doubts that CockyBoys is redefining how we watch porn need only look at the most recent episode of RoadStrip. “The Bangover”, the third episode in the company’s reality series, takes Max and Jake — with camera crew in tow — to Los Angeles for the 2013 Cybersocket Awards. It’s the hottest scene in the series so far and as anyone who was at the Awards can tell you, it doesn’t stray too far from what actually happened.

The night features guest appearances by everyone from Sister Roma to BelAmi’s Mick Lovell to TheSword’s Zach Sire. (There’s also some frank talk by Jake and Max about finally meeting all the bloggers who’ve been writing about them.) We’ve all seen event footage, but RoadStrip shows us what it’s like for the models— to be young, horny and blowing up as superstars.

RoadStrip Bangover

But it’s a party the next night — where Max and Jake black out — that really kicks off the adventure. The twosome bring two new boys, Aiden and JD, to their suite at the W hotel. There’s drunken four-way night sex, partner-swapping morning sex and plenty of intertwined limbs. RoadStrip isn’t a porn take on a reality series. It is a reality series. With real gay sex!

“The Bangover”, might sound like the hoary porn staple — a remake — in this case the title is a reference to “The Hangover” movies. Except instead of the crutch of cheap parody, here conceit is used as a launching point for an entirely new way of looking at filmed sex. The result is that rare porn event: a scene that doesn’t require a fast forward button.

RoadStrip Bangover

That attention to detail is what makes CockyBoys different than most porn studios shooting today and also the secret to its success. Rather than concoct an elaborate plot or try to get porn models to read lines, director Jake Jaxson based the RoadStrip reality series around the real-life friendship of Max Ryder and Jake Bass (known affectionately, and collectively, as “Jax”). So the set-ups never feel staged and the sex comes naturally.

Perhaps that’s why it wasn’t surprising to hear that CockyBoys has 19 nominations for the upcoming Grabby Awards in Chicago later this month. Or that the company just swept the TLA Gay Awards taking home Studio of the Year, as well as Best Director (Jake Jaxson) and “Must Own of The Year” for the company’s previous reality venture, Project GoGo Boy.

RoadStrip Bangover

Project GoGoBoy may have been the must own movie of last year but RoadStrip is the series that redefines what gay porn can be. Not only are CockyBoys racking up the awards, thanks to series like RoadStrip and The Haunting, but they are arguably the most talked about studio in the business these days. Three episodes in and RoadStrip is already well on it’s way to becoming the most-watched gay porn series of the year.

At at time where nearly everyone relies on heavy-handed plots that defined the DVD era or bare-bones sex scenes that marked the first wave of online porn, CockyBoys is showing the industry what the medium can do in 2013. “The Bangover”, for instance, runs a full 40 minutes between the sex and live footage. It’s an unconventional length, but nothing feels out of place, except maybe the unconventional amount of entertainment value not found everyday in adult entertainment.

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