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The story continues…

ALL SAiNTS returns this week with the unveiling of Chapter Two: The Mystic Krewe of Memento Mori, featuring Mark (Max Adonis) and Matthew (Cole Claire)!

Traveling back to the era of the Civil War, two soldiers – Mark and Matthew – are reunited in a haven from all the conflict in the world, and recount their story. The boys first met at West Point cadets and form a bond a few months before the war, but on their camping/hunting trip… their friendship takes a surprising step in a different direction.

Lying together inside their spacious tent one morning, Mark (Max Adonis) and Matthew (Cole Claire) wake up spooning each other, naturally inspiring a raging boner from Mark which Matthew happily grasps while Mark teases his virgin hole.

We won’t give away too many spoilers… but this virgin doesn’t stay a virgin for very long, as Mark can’t contain his passion to show his deepest desires for Matthew… all over the tent! Reality soon takes over after Mark’s reminiscent thoughts, as he adds to his memento box and comes to the realization that it’s time for each of the weary travellers to depart their haven and move on.

ALL SAiNTS, is broken up into 3 Chapters with each Chapter containing 4 episodes, with even more to unfold throughout the next year, only at Cockyboys!

Watch ALL SAiNTS: Chapter Two NOW at Cockyboys!


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