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by Quin


Have you been nice this year, or naughty? Either way, you deserve a set of Cockyboys‘ new Christmas greeting cards. Photographed by the talented RJ Sebastian, a gorgeous selection of models grace the covers of these tastefully naughty cards, complete with sassy greetings inside. From the dreamy gaze of Jake Bass to the suggestive grin of Levi Karter, the sexy flirtation between Tayte Hanson and Ricky Roman, and the delicious treats from Liam Riley – there’s a card for every sort of holiday mood. For anyone who’s already a Cockyboys fan, these cards will totally make their Christmas season, and anyone seeing the boys for the first time will be completely swept up in the cocky Christmas spirit.


And now that our brand spanking new Cocky Shop is getting up and running, you’ll be able to purchase the cards either there, on Studmall and at TLAGay, available in sets of ten or single cards. You may not even want to send them – we won’t blame you if you frame them and keep them for yourself as part of a new Christmas tradition! In fact, the only thing we can’t recommend is sending them to your family. Unless you’re looking for that little extra drama in your Christmas!


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    December 12th, 2014 3:14 am

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