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by Cory Kane

The first thing I wake up to is… well, my throbbing morning wood. The second, is the race for me to prepare the coffee maker to brew while needing to pee (usually doing a little dance at the same time)… Yes, that’s how serious I am about getting to that first mug of the day…

Given it’s Monday, the one day of the week we all get a little grouchy about, here are some of the coffee and cock morning shots I’ve taken, so far, to perk you up!

XO, Cory Kane

Fresh out of the shower.

Don’t you wish your coffee was hot like me?

Morning wood with Ben Masters

Cock with a crown.

Morning wood with Taylor Reign

Coffee King.

Rise and shine.

Sweatpants can’t contain it.

Breakfast in bed.

Birdseye view.

Hello, Lovely.

Stay tuned for more Coffee With Cory!

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