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by Quin

It’s that time of year again for Cockyboys! Last week, the 2015 Cybersocket Web Awards nominations were released, and our studio has received a number of exciting nominations. We know you want to support all your favorite boys, so we’re here to tell you how to vote for them (it’s really simple) and how many times you can vote (once per email address). First let’s do a little rundown of the nominations, and then you can get to it – you have until December 5th to complete voting for the Cybersockets Surfer’s Choice Awards!

cybersockets invite This year Cockyboys has been nominated for both Best Mobile Content Site and Best Video Site (you can have your Cockyboys in your hand or on your lap!), as well as for Answered Prayers – Best Movie, and Best Sex Scene (Jake Bass and Ricky Roman in The Banker). Jake Bass is also up for Best Porn Star, and so are Levi Karter, Max Carter, Levi Michaels, and Max Ryder. We know that category will be a tough one for fans to vote on, but we appreciate every vote for our boys! Last but not least, Tayte Hanson has the nomination for Best Newcomer. Last year Levi Karter clinched this one – we’d love to see it go home with another Cockyboy this year! Now that you know who’s up for what, let’s practice. Start by following this link to the Cybersockets nomination page, find the categories we just listed, and… click away. (You don’t have to pick a nomination in every category listed in order to vote, so don’t worry if none of the Best VOD Sites float your boat, or you’ve never braved the waters of the Best Hardcore/Fetish Sites – you can still submit your votes.) Once you’ve chosen all the Cockyboys you want, enter your email address at the bottom to submit them, and the final step – don’t forget this one! – is to check your email and click the link to confirm your votes. That’s it! Don’t you feel good about voting? We know we do!

Moving on, let’s cover the 2014 Hustlaball Awards! Cockyboys is also up for this set of nominations, provided by MGW-Cologne and the German website Boner Magazine, which presents an interesting foreign perspective on the gay porn industry. The awards will be given this weekend at the event in Berlin, and for this one you have the ability to vote as many times as you want! Cockyboys has three nominations this year, for Answered Prayers, Talk To Me, and The Haunting. Answered Prayers is up for Best DVD Cover, with its striking image of the beloved Jake Bass as Jinks; Talk To Me is up for Best Threesome, as it features the intense chemistry between Colby Keller, Kevin Warhol of Bel Ami, and Jett Black. And The Haunting, starring Ricky Roman, Dale Cooper, Dillon Rossi, Arnaud Chagall, Christian Wilde, Max Ryder, and Jake Steel, is nominated for Best Film. The open voting for these nominations is another great opportunity for Cockyboys fans to show their love for their favorite studio, and to promote their recognition into the international sphere of gay porn. How to vote for the 2014 Hustlaball Awards? Once again, follow this link, and it’s pretty simple – click on your choice, hit the button that says “Abstimmen” (German for “vote”) and the percentages for each selection will appear. When you’re done, simply refresh the page to vote again, and watch Cockyboys maintain a good solid lead! Currently, The Haunting is in the lead in its category, Answered Prayers is in second place, and Talk to Me is just about tied for first place. Don’t forget to tune in for the results this weekend! Thanks again for all your hard voting work!

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