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by Nick Swallow

Dillon Rossi, who has the kind of ripped six pack that makes my mouth water and cock harden, has met his match in Justin Matthews– who has a six pack just as good as he does! It makes me so happy that they get to rub those two toned torsos together and I get to watch…


Dillon has a short love affair with Justin’s furry balls, sucking and licking them, taking them into his mouth and gently giving them a saliva bath, which gets Justin’s cock twitching and hungry to be sucked itself. Of course Dillon is happy to oblige, moving to Justin’s shaft and licking his way up, then taking the throbbing head of Justin’s cock in his mouth and tracing it’s hardness with his tongue.


All of this oral pleasure gets Justin understandably horny as hell. And what does a red-blooded male want when he’s horny? A hot hole to fuck of course! Dillon has a butt as tight as his abs and is desperate to get Justin’s cock inside it, and soon the both of them are rutting and writhing, Dillon alternating between riding that thrusting cock and then lying on his stomach to take a pounding, letting himself be controlled and teased with all of Justin’s hard inches…


Check out the trailer below and watch the whole scene here! 

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