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Hello Everyone! The CockyBeast has a treat for you today. One of CockyBoys dedicated fans – Claire wrote about her adventures at the CockyBoys Berlin Film Festival Fan Event on October 24th. She had so much fun and I hope you enjoy hearing about her adventures. Thank you Claire!!!




This time for the Berlin Porn Film Festival where they were showing The Banker and Fuck Yeah Levi Karter.

I’d had the pleasure of meeting the man himself, Jake Jaxson, my favourite CockyBoy (but don’t tell the others), RJ Sebastian, and bundle-of-sunshine, Levi Karter, six months earlier at the London leg of the A Thing Of Beauty book tour. Unfortunately, Ben (Benny Morecock) joined that tour in Berlin (I think after hearing from JJ and RJ that we weren’t all that crazy and that he should come and experience the fan energy for himself!), so I missed meeting him that go ‘round. I’d heard so much about Ben from others who had already met him in person so I was more than intrigued to meet him myself. Ricky Roman always seemed charming from what I’d seen of him and I knew practically nothing about Silly Cilantro – so it was going to be interesting getting to know these new faces too.

I’ve met so many fantastic, funny and loyal online friends through the CB fandom and the chance to meet even more of them in person was an amazing opportunity. I was especially thrilled to meet my wonderful ‘twin’, Milla. It’s freaky! We have the same taste in so many things and, with this event being held in her home town, it was like kismet – we were destined to meet! As it turned out, fans from 6 different countries had made the journey to Berlin.

I met up with CB fangirl, Meike, on the train to Berlin and we spent a good portion of the journey drinking a bottle of bubbly, getting to know each other and exchanging our hopes for that evening – who we were most looking forward to seeing, and hoping we’d have the opportunity to chat with the guys and get a few photos.

Once in Berlin, a group of us met up before the press event in our hotel room. Lots of hugs and a few small gifts were exchanged. A couple of shots of vodka may even have been downed for good measure, then at 6pm we made our way down to the first floor. Nervous energy and a general feeling of excitement abounded. For me, it was my second CockyBoys event. But for many others, it was their first time coming face-to-face with Jake Jaxson and his team. In attendance, aside from Jake, were Jake’s partners RJ Sebastian and Benny Morecock as well as models Levi Karter and Ricky Roman, and editor-in-chief Silly Cilantro.

It was a very surreal feeling at the beginning of the night, to see together in one room so many faces you only converse with in cyberspace. A space had been reserved for us in the lobby area of the first floor at the Westin Grand Hotel. A small bar was set up in a lounge-like area and we quickly realized alcohol might not be a bad idea to calm our nerves! As soon as we’d all worked out who was who and which twitter name belonged to whom, smaller groups peeled off and conversations of favourite models, scenes, everyone’s general loveliness ensued. The guys, busy with meetings all day (in Benny’s case, read: sleeping), arrived a little after six and quickly began making the rounds.

Levi, much to my delight, remembered me from the London event and suddenly I was wrapped up in a hearty Levi hug and a happy, “ClaireBear, so great you came again!”

Poor Ricky was recovering from a cold on top of jet lag, but was so graceful, eloquent and charming when meeting us all. All the guys were so grateful that we were there and that many had come from far afield to be part of this night. If you ever doubted whether they are appreciative of fan support, I’m here to tell you: don’t.

After a little organising and manoeuvering on JJ and RJ’s part, the official part of the evening got underway. One of the highlights for me, personally, (though, I’m sure many others would agree) was when JJ spoke of the fan/studio relationship, new models, ‘old’ models, and his vision for the future. He tapped his glass to catch our attention, had us form and intimate circle and, from the centre, began to talk. Now, anyone who knows JJ knows he can talk! And talk, he did – at length!

Let me tell you, every single person there was enraptured; a few were even close to tears. Really! I stood the whole time beside Ben, who, side note: was just lovely – gentle, soft spoken and really tall (not to mention, exceedingly handsome!)

The ever beautiful RJ meanwhile was hard at work behind his camera, capturing everything for posterity (as only he can) and, I’m told, for future use in Meet the Morecocks!

By this time the drinks were flowing quite freely and we had all gotten to know each other a little bit. I even managed to get a rare few words out of our resident fangirl artist Carolin. So talented and so adorably shy!

A couple of weeks earlier at HustlaBall Berlin, The Haunting was awarded Best Film and a representative from was on hand to present the guys with their award and to take press shots. After the presentation, we got to participate in a group photo opportunity that included the fans and the CockyBoys team, along with Zeppe, the wonderful dog belonging to a spokesman from the German ATOB publishers Bruno Gmünder. A true ‘family’ portrait!

Afterwards everyone got their chance to have photos taken with Levi and Ricky, who were just adorable – Team Tan! Cilantro was somewhat shy and reserved at first. I guess not being ‘on the front line’ like the others, meant he hadn’t really been confronted with the fan experience in person. I think he was a little shocked by us ladies, but in a mainly good way! As the night progressed and we actually got to converse one on one, he opened up and a late night/early morning game of Never Have I Ever sealed his fate as a fan favourite!

JJ had told us earlier in the night about the newest CockyBoy, Liam Riley, and later in the evening we got to ‘meet’ him, as well. Levi FaceTimed Liam- who was dogsitting at Camp Morecock – to find out how Bella and the other dogs were doing, so a whole bunch of us gathered around Levi’s phone and probably scared the hell out of Liam! Being introduced and having a chance to say hello was a really special moment.
A lot of fans had brought stuff for the guys to sign, and they all graciously took the time to do so. At one point, Levi was on the verge of signing a potato chip! I won’t share my own signed messages, but they were all so touching and I treasure each and every one of them.

Thanks, guys. It’s the thoughtfulness of how a few words show us fans that this ‘thing’ is a two-way street that solidifies our support of you.

All too soon of course, the event came to an end and the guys said their thanks, goodbyes and headed out, leaving us all a little shell shocked in their wake. With a promise of them coming back to Berlin soon ringing in our ears, we begrudgingly let them go. Smiling like fools and happy to have been part of something special.


    So well written Clair! Loved it!

    November 3rd, 2014 5:54 pm

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