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We have a exciting post from CockyBoys Fan, Susan Lee @SusanYLee. She writes a interesting post on the CockyBoys Halloween Party.



I have to admit I’m not much of a Halloween person. And though it’s a big show in New York, you’d likely find me watching tv in the dark in my apartment, eating all my own candy. So, when Cocky Boys announced they’d be hosting a Halloween party, at a club, in Brooklyn, in costume… well, there were so many reasons for me NOT to go. And then I remembered all the reasons why I HAD to go: Tayte, Ricky, Levi, Liam, Levi M, Chris… and of course JJ and Ben… and an added bonus, the whole CB crew: Cilantro, Pandy, Hugo, Chris, and Dan too! Ok, ok… the decision was made… I’m going!

Tayte & Ricky

tayte ricky

What a BLAST it was! I love when people just let loose and have fun (and from what I’ve seen at most Cocky Boys events, that is NOT a problem!). The amazing costumes blew me away: Tayte as a silent movie star (stunning), Ricky as an indian chief (unf!), Liam as a sailor (“hey sailor!”), Levi as Puck (loved it!)…these guys killed it. Not to mention all the fans who came from far and wide (different states and different COUNTRIES even) and were also decked out and feeling the love!

Levi surrounded by fangirls

levi fangirls

Lovegun, the venue for the party, was a bit small so we all intimately packed ourselves close to each other (what a burden being shoulder to shoulder with the Cocky Boys! Someone call the manager to complain!). The temperature inside was rising, but the music was pumping and the drinks were free-flowing (through my fuzzy alcohol-laden memories, I think I found a favorite bartender who either found my drunken foolishness amusing, or I might have just tipped him my entire next month’s rent…) and the party was going on in full-force!

Levi Michaels started the night dancing on the box and he was GOING for it! It was my first time getting to see him dance and I may have snuck up and stuck some cash in his, um, undergarment. May I also just mention that he has surprisingly soft skin around his, um, undergarment. (Geezus I’m a prude). There were also some gloriously hot moments later in the night when Liam and Ricky took their turns dancing as well. (ya’ll see this: [posted by the amazing @bj_smutqueen])

Levi Michaels

lev michaels

The night was filled with hugs, and hellos, and “I’m @blahblahblah on twitter”, selfies, and laughs. I loved being able to see JJ playing host as he does so well. He has his way… sits on the sofa, surrounds himself with gorgeousness, and is gracious and chatty and welcoming to the nines. I could listen to his stories all night. Ben was lovely and kind as I’m finding is his nature… drinking bourbon (atta boy!) and ending up with red lipstick kisses all over (great costume!). And all night long, Chris Harder was taking photos (check out @nightmovesclub for his amazing work!) and can I just say, it was my first time meeting him in person, and that smile could (and I’m guessing does) charm the pants off anyone!

JJ w/ Lisa (@BeSafe71)

lisa jj

Benny and Liam

benny liam

I made an early exit as my old-lady-self tends to do and let the young’ns stay and have their fun throughout the night and early morning. I got home, changed into my pj’s, had a bite-size Snickers (ok, maybe I had 3 or 4 of them), and went to bed dreaming of Cocky Boys…

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