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There are many reasons to get into Fleshbot. Literally in fact, you should try one out if you never have. But recently Fleshbot has gotten their hands, not just their sexy products, on Cockyboys, and published fun interviews with both Benny Morecock and Jake Jaxson. Every blog takes a different approach to their interviews, and Vincent Thrice approaches his with insight into the gay porn world and a delightful perceptiveness about his subjects’ individuality; his interviews with Benny and Jake present them in a new light.


Benny’s interview, posted last month, covers the topics of artistic vision, the evolution of Cockyboys, and his collaboration with Hop Against Homophobia, while Jake’s interview discusses his acceptance of his sexuality, his porn influences and, of course, the multitude of female fans the studio generates. We’re pleased to see Benny’s and Jake’s answers to Vincent Thrice’s thoughtful questions, and we know you’ll be pleased to read them too!

The Cockyboys Family

The Cockyboys Family


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