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by Quin


So why exactly is this fun and risqué online service called Flirt4Free?

1) Because you can sign up for and use it for free.

2) Because once you sign up… you can flirt with hot, sexy, adorable, friendly, cute, and dirty boys! We’ve got types for all your tastes and for almost any time you’re in the mood.

3) The “4” is just a play on words. Don’t worry about that part.

Think of Flirt4Free kind of like your own private strip club, but even better, because you get to choose your favorite model, chat with him, and do it all from the comfort of your own home! If you find yourself bored on a weeknight… looking for a good video session on a Friday evening… or simply needing a little de-stressing before the work week starts again, you can follow the Cocky Chat link on Cockyboys and check out the dozens of guys available for chatting and getting sexy onscreen. Once you’re in a chat, there’s always the option to purchase credits or a private viewing, so don’t worry – if you feel the need to show your appreciation to the model with more than just emojis (aka, with cold, hard cash), we’ve got you covered. The anonymity of Flirt4Free means you’re truly free to enjoy yourself and the model of your choice too!


Now, let’s move on the Flirt4Free star of the week. This week we have hand-selected the tall, brawny Jake Orion. Shown here in some of our favorite video clips, Jake comes complete with short brown hair, big blue eyes and an even bigger dick, ready to stroke and jerk off for your viewing pleasure. In fact, Jake’s 9-inch dick has earned him placement in the Monster Cocks category on Flirt4Free, and as you can see from the images, he totally deserves the description. Jake also has a few body piercings, nicely trimmed pubes, and for those of you for whom astrological signs are important, he is a Virgo! His sexual interests include topping, armpit worship, double penetration and a little bit of BDSM. According to Jake, he is always horny and loves to cum in his own mouth, “whether it be one, two, three or maybe even four shots.”

Totally worth the free chat, right?

Stayed tuned next week for our next Flirt4Free model of the week! And make sure to check out our special feature live chats featuring an array of our very own exclusive porn stars such as Levi Michaels, Max Carter, Ricky Roman and more. Remember, the more you flirt, the harder they work!


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