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Whenever a Cockyboys scene starts out with an interview, you know they’re going to have something interesting to say. Interspersed with shots of these two beautiful boys kissing and exploring¬†each other, Frankie V Fucks Raphael Marino takes some time to mentally explore sexuality as well – a sort of intellectual foreplay, you might say. And with Jake Jaxson‘s history and stance on gay sexuality, it’s easy to see why this discussion is so relevant – Raphael has a lot to share about his personal experiences of being gay, and how he’s come to embrace his sexuality as something to enjoy, not to be ashamed of. For his part, Frankie is excited to be Raphael’s first scene partner, and for his first topping-only scene.

And once the conversation is over – the fucking begins. If you thought things were getting hot before, they’re explosive now.


I’ll let you read Jake Jaxson’s description of Frankie V Fucks Raphael Marino, before you check it out for yourself!

Meet our newest CockyBoy, Raphael Marino. Raphael’s got a lean, muscular body, and a mop of wavy dark hair that perfectly accentuates his jaw line. Though he doesn’t have any tattoos, Raphael’s got a tongue piercing and this wicked piercing (a double Prince Albert) that goes right through the head of his cock!

We had to hook him up with one of our most alternative dudes at CockyBoys, Frankie V., and sure enough, they instantly clicked. Although Frankie is pretty sexually versatile, he was eager to do a scene where he’s just the top – so breaking in Raphael was the perfect opportunity!

Frankie loved making out with Raphael, almost as much as he enjoyed sucking his cock and playing with that piercing. Finally, the guys fucked in several different positions. Raphael turned out to be extremely vocal, especially when he climaxed!


Jake Jaxson


What fans are saying about Frankie V. Fucks Raphael Marino:

“Wow! What a first scene!! Raphael may have a bottomed in that he was penetrated but he was in control pretty much the whole time. I love that he was so expressive and seemingly uninhibited! These two guys were fantastic together and I’m already dreaming of Raphael meeting Gabriel Clark.”
-Gina 03/17/2015

“So fucking insane. Frankie gets hotter and hotter with each scene and this new guy made a fantastic first impression. Cockyboys – you have mastered the art of porn for sure.”
-cocky_butch 03/17/2015

“It took me a while to watch this scene and it was a big lesson on not relying on others’ comments to sway me. I came to see Frankie and he didn’t disappoint with his ethereal beauty and gorgeous cock (a shrine needs to be built for it!) By the end of the scene I had developed a real like for Raphael’s enthusiasm, passion and impeccable manners “Please Frankie, please!” He is very responsive, knows what he wants and will ask for it! He likes things a little edgy and rough and Frankie delivered like a champ. It’s hypnotising watching his hips sway as he moves in and out…the talking was a little long winded at the beginning but amazing work as always guys :) xx”
-OzPinny 03/27/2015



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