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TGIF! As summer begins to wind down and the subtle hints of fall fill the air, we’re reliving some of Cockyboys most memorable outdoor moments with today’s #FridayFuckFest feature.

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Dillon Rossi & Max Ryder

Dillion-Rossi-Max-Ryder_0069 Dillion-Rossi-Max-Ryder_0109  Dillion-Rossi-Max-Ryder_0127 Dillion-Rossi-Max-Ryder_0141

Ashton Summer & Allen King

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Ricky Roman & Cory Kane

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Just Love: Carter Dane, Jimmy Durano & Levi Karter

co2a1641 co2a2139 co2a2210 co2a2264

Arad Winwin & Levi Karter

co2a4880 co2a4790 co2a4826  co2a4968

Colby Keller & Sean Ford

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Camp Cockyboys: Calvin Banks & Josh Moore

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It’s Summer At Cockyboys: Ben Masters & Cory Kane

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It’s Summer At Cockyboys: Calvin Banks & Devin Franco

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Ricky Roman, Josh Moore & Taylor Reign

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Stay tuned for even more exhibitionism and outdoor fun, done the Cockyboys way. Cumming soon!

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