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by kevinm

Jack Rayder is perhaps best known as one half of Cockyboys’ new exclusive couple. He was introduced to CB loyalists, four months ago, in a scene with boyfriend, Lukas Grande. His first work, a Real Cam scene for Helix Studios, also with Lukas, had just come out a couple of months before that. All totaled, Jack has appeared in seven scenes, between the two studios, and more than half are with boyfriend, Lukas Grande. I knew of Jack before he’d started filming. Although neither of us remembers the exact specifics, we’d followed each other, on Twitter, since last spring. I wanted people to see and know him separately from Lukas, who, thus far, had quite a bit more exposure.

Within minutes of conducting my interview, Jack messaged me, on Twitter, “That was so fun! Thank you Kevin.”

The pleasure had truly been all mine.

“I want people to know you!”

“Yay! I want that, too :),” he replied.

Well, then, let’s make that happen.

Jack is twenty years old. His birthday was right before his recent trip, to Montreal, to film for Cockyboys. A product of that trip, his passionate scene with Frankie V, is already up on the site. In my opinion, it cements Jack’s status as one of the most sensual models working in porn, not only at Cockyboys, but anywhere. One comment, on the scene, suggested that Jack is “a born performer,” and who can disagree?

His love of musical theater, something he’s tweeted about, he says, came from his mother. When he was very little, his free-spirited mom would play and sing along to the Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserable. His beautiful voice seems to have come from her, as well. “When I was a little kid, I would sing Castle on a Cloud from Les Miserables all the time,” Jack told me. He alluded to there being videotaped proof of this somewhere.

Who wants to start the petition to get this on You Tube? By the way, check out Jack’s You Tube channel. If you haven’t already heard him sing, you’re missing out. The video of him singing Superstition, by Stevie Wonder, has over 1100 views.

I interviewed Jack on a Friday night and, even though, we’d messaged back and forth before that, and I’d seen him do live cam shows, I was struck by his eloquence. He speaks more thoughtfully than many gay men, with more than a decade on him. This was most apparent when I asked him how he felt about Cockyboys’ legions of female fans. “It’s been such a pleasant surprise and I love them all. It’s interesting because it reminds you that sexuality and attraction are so fluid. These women seem to be straight, but they like watching two men fuck. I think that’s awesome. Don’t let anyone put you in a box of what you should be attracted to or turned on by.”

For me, one thing I’ve always found fascinating is how differently men and women watch porn. In my experience, women look at a scene like they do an entire feature film, or even a book. You wouldn’t dream of skipping around, starting five chapters in or, god forbid, in the case of a movie, turning it off before the very last frame.

For men, though, porn can be looked at in a segmented way. A DVD gives you the option of starting at the beginning, with the foreplay, or skipping right to oral. If the money shot is your thing, you can skip the entire scene and go right to the orgasms. I asked Jack if he had watched much porn before getting into the business. After admitting to having seen his share of it before breaking into the industry, we talked, a bit, about his tastes, as far as the finished product is concerned. Jack admitted to watching some of the foreplay, then skipping right to the fucking.

“I watch the kissing and the disrobing and a little bit of blow jobs and then I kind of skip towards the end to see like rough fucking,” he said with a laugh.

Jack has made no secret of his desire to work with Colby Keller. I asked if there were other Cockyboys he’d like to work with and he mentioned Justin Matthews and Asher Hawke. Let me be the first to say that I’d love to see either pairing. JJ, if you’re reading this, consider this entire article an early #WishListWednesday plea.

Please make a scene with Jack and Justin and another with Jack and Asher. I also wouldn’t mind a little Jack Rayder and Lukas Grande action with Tayte Hanson, but that’s just me, oh and probably a few thousand other Cockyboys fans.

While we were on the subject, I asked Jack where he saw the industry in two years. “I’m hoping that porn is going to go more in the direction of being more artistic, I guess. I think we can just elevate it more. I mean its sex, sure, but we can pair it with a good story and it’s well written and it’s well filmed and it’s well acted, as well as being really sexy and, of course, something that people would want to jack off to.”

Jack’s hopes for himself, looking out five and ten years, might surprise you. In five years, he says, he hopes to have parlayed a successful foray into gay porn into a vehicle for performing, hosting in clubs, acting, a kind of multi-dimensional career including several areas of entertainment.

“I want to become known in the gay world as not just a porn star. For me, in my personal life, I feel like what people find about me that is sexy is my performance ability and my confidence on stage. It’s not just your appearance and how you fuck, but talent and confidence can also be really sexy.”

He doesn’t, necessarily, see himself doing porn in ten years, but in talking about some performers, the Brent Everett’s and Brent Corrigan’s, I got the sense that he wouldn’t completely rule it out. It seems as if he’s decided not to become governed by some predetermined timeline for his future and, at twenty, why should he? Definitely not lacking in drive or ambition, Jack Rayder is poised for greatness, at any pace.



.Here is the link to Jacks Model page at if you want to see more of his talents.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this interesting conversation coming soon….

    Great piece on Jack Rayder! I enjoyed getting to know him a little better and can’t wait to learn more about him in part two! Jack just makes me smile! He is so sexy and sweet and adorable and charming and genuine and cuddly and quirky and did I mention sexy!!! Even though Jack is super, hot to look at, I think it is his magnetic personality and soft-spoken confidence that really makes him attractive!

    February 19th, 2015 12:27 am

    Hopefully he’ll talk about his scene with Gabriel Clark in the second part of this interview. It has been his best work so far.

    February 27th, 2015 3:36 pm

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