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by Nick Swallow

Have you heard? Cockyboy Go-Go Harder (who only just recently got pounded into a mattress by Ty Roderick) is putting on the latest of his monthly shows the ‘Harder-Wood Revue’ this Sunday 15th Sept at Headquarters ‘gentlemen’s club’ (Ooh! That place sounds kinky as hell).


Harder has become fast friends with a lot of the Cockyboys and he’s asked some of the more theatrical of them to perform at some of his nights- and this Sunday we’re going to be treated to Ricky Roman AND Levi Karter performing on stage alongside Harder. So if you’re in the New York area (or even if you’re not; you deserve a holiday. Book a flight already) you should swing by on Sunday and prop up the bar with me, and we’ll lean back and watch as a sea of naked porn stars entertains and titillates us!

And because I need very little reason to post pics of our hot Cockyboys, here’s some recent snaps of Harder living his crazy, boylesque drenched, practically always-naked life!





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