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by Nick Swallow

Jack Harrer

Bel Ami’s been pumping out the big dick studs lately…Benny Morecock just did a post on Paul Mekas, “the New Big Dick on the Block” and I’m here today to introduce you to another Bel Ami pinup, Jack Harrer.
Jack Harrer

Now, I almost didn’t make this post because Jack looks so much like an old co-worker of mine, back when he was in his twenties, and it freaks me out to see S**’s face atop Jack’s twinky body and massive horsecock. You know. Kinda like when you meet a guy at a bar and he seems really great…and then you learn he has your dad’s first name. Can’t really scream that out loud in bed now, can you? (Don’t answer that, you perverted fucks).

BUT. I got over my neuroses and can now present to you: Jack Harrer from Bel Ami.

Jack Harrer

Now the real question becomes…Jack Harrer or Paul Mekas?

Jack:Jack Harrer


Paul Mekas

For more pictures of Paul, click here!

For more pictures of Jack, head after the jump:

Jack HarrerJack HarrerJack HarrerJack HarrerJack HarrerJack Harrer

    Jack Harrer, what a beauty and what a body!
    Hot, geil and horny, I like his Cock and Ass.
    I’m realy a fan!

    September 22nd, 2011 5:20 am

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