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by Nick Swallow

Jimmy Little (who is anything but ‘little’ if you know what I mean… you do know what I mean right?).

OK, let me start again- Jonny Little, who doesn’t have a little dick, gets the right royal Jake Bass treatment in this bathroom themed scene (and that’s a hell of a big bathroom- it’s nicer than my apartment!) and gets fucked hard on the tiled floor as Jake makes the kind of orgasm face you don’t see outside of a Sweet Brown remix.


But Jake certainly did earn that earth-shattering orgasm by fucking Jimmy all over the room- under the running shower, bent over the bathtub, on the floor.. and then after they both cum and are panting on the floor, covered in spooge and sweat, it’s only a few paces until they can get under the shower and all cleaned up. Considering everything in a bathroom is also wipe-clean, it makes so much sense to have sex in a bathroom- why haven’t we all started already?


Check out the trailer below and the whole scene here!

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