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by Lushuslisa

We have a exciting review of one of our latest sizzling scenes by one of our favorite Cockyboys fans – Kevin.


Please read and I hope you enjoy!!!



Ricky & Jo

It seems apropos to quote a Roman soldier when describing a talent that Ricky Roman has in spades. Scipio Africanus, a Roman soldier born 236BC, is quoted as saying, “I am convinced that life is 10 percent what happens to me and 96 percent how I react to it.” Ricky may be one of the most verbal CockyBoys and we love him for that. His verbal acumen and every other reason CockyBoys fans have come to love him, appear to be prominently displayed in this, his newest scene.

We’re right in the middle of the action, the second the scene begins. That’s something we’ve come to expect from the talented CockyBoys on the other side of the camera. Many of the scenes have a sort of POV feel to them, giving the viewer a Birdseye view of the proceedings, without all that handheld camera choppiness. Jake Jaxon and RJ Sebastian have raised the bar when it comes to porn realness.


From the first moment we see Ricky look up at Jo, the two of them match each other smolder for smolder. Things move pretty quickly, especially after Ricky slides his pants off, revealing that perfect ass. Before that, though, I was pretty mesmerized by Jo’s pretty amazing cock and balls. IT seemed Ricky was, too. “Fuck yeah,” is right, Ricky. Face fucking enthusiasts will love it when Ricky tells Jo to suck his dick while working the newcomer’s mouth. I mean really. Who wouldn’t love peering up at Ricky’s gorgeous cock? There’s a little 69 action before Ricky climbs on top of Jo and works his hips like a master. Even Jo says, “You are so good!” He is. Isn’t he? I truly think the highlight of the scene comes when Ricky says what is destined to become one of my favorite lines, ever uttered in porn. “Fuck baby! You got that bomb dick!” I mean who can argue with an endorsement like that?

We’re finally treated to Jo’s phenomenal ass when they start to experiment with different positions. Reverse cowgirl, or in Ricky’s case, backwards bronco-buster is when the passion really ignites. It just keeps going, from there, until Ricky begs, “Don’t stop! Don’t fucking stop!” We’re right there with him.


Alas, all good things must come to an end, even in the beautiful worlds created by CockyBoys. Ricky and Jo, nearly, but not quite spent, jerk each other off in the scenes, um, climactic moments.

If we cannot have a statue of Ricky Roman, thank the gods, Jake Jaxon & RJ Sebastian have seen fit to follow Roman poet Horace’s lead. He said (translated), “I have erected a monument more lasting than bronze.”

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, JJ and RJ for another celluloid monument to Ricky.

    Such a great review Kevin!

    February 9th, 2015 6:12 pm

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