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by Cory Kane

Cockyboys unveiled its latest series on Friday, Just Being Me, which not only kicks off with a stunning scene at Fire Island featuring Ben Masters and Levi Karter, but also beautifully highlights the importance of embracing one’s most open and authentic self, without judgement, and celebrates the true joys of being gay.

As many of us LGBTQ members have struggled with acceptance, or have felt shame for expressing ourselves openly, Ben and Levi share some of their stories of growing up gay.

Ben: “Has anyone ever said that I’ve been too gay? Yes, I get told that I’m too gay all the time, almost every day of my entire life. Especially when I’m at work… everyone is suppose to be composed, but I scream. I talk about sex openly, I get told all the time I’m too gay.”

Levi: “I knew I was gay, in a way, or that I was about to be, and that was Okay. But since I grew up in Ohio, I just knew not to be… or at least for myself, for my comfort… I didn’t want to be the gay that always shouted that they were gay or always dressed super flamboyant, and always reminded everyone that they were gay. I just wanted to be like, ‘yeah, I’m gay and I’m not gonna deny it, like no worries, but let’s talk about something else…’”

Levi adds to his story by openly talking about growing up with a single mom who expressed to him early on the importance of making solid friendships in his life – as an extended family and support system – for after she’s gone. A touching and invaluable lesson that not all of us are taught.

On an island where the boys can truly be free to express themselves, Levi takes Ben to one of his favorite spots: a wooded area where they can openly have some outdoor fun. Ben takes charge – topping for the first time on Cockyboys! – and fucks Levi against a tree, moving into an acrobatic mid-air pounding.

The two move on to another secluded spot, within the grassy dunes near the shore, where Ben has Levi on his back and thrusts into him again until he blows his load all over himself. After Ben explodes and covers Levi with even more cum, the two run naked and free towards the water. You don’t wanna miss this one!

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