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It’s time for Steamworks Fan Voting! This fun portion of the Grabbys Awards Show is your time to shine – the time when you get to pick your favorite gay porn of the past year and give it the vote. It’s like voting for your local councilman… Only without the sex scandal, because everybody already knows there’s sex involved. And as you are probably aware, the nominee to vote for this year is none other than Cockyboys‘ Answered Prayers films. (Yes, it does say on the Grabbys website that the nominee is The Haunting; no, your vote will not actually go to The Haunting. Although we still love that feature film as well!) I won’t bore you with the little details of how to do the voting (position your mouse over the correct answer; click on it; enter your email address to potentially WIN TWO TICKETS TO THE GRABBYS AND A STEAMWORKS VIP MEMBERSHIP!!!). No, I’ll just provide you with the link and let you get voting. And, just in case all this talk about bath houses and Cockyboys’ already-award-winning, gay porn phenomenon Answered Prayers has put you in the mood, I’ll connect you with the international Steamworks chain – and all seven incredibly hot episodes of AP as well.

Steamworks Voting 1
Steamworks Voting 2

^When you’re done voting your computer screen (or phone screen) should look like that.^

Now go put out the vote! (That’s how the saying goes, right?)

AP: The Banker
AP: The Healer
AP: The Bully
AP: The Lamb Part One
AP: The Assumption of The Lamb
AP: The Redeemer
AP: The Actor



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