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by Levi Karter


I received a question about healthy choices with late night snacking on Tumblr. (BTW if you have any questions, suggestions, comments, or just a hello, don’t be afraid to leave something in my inbox on my Tumblr or Tweet me!) I looked up some healthy choices and, seriously, the first website I visited had almost everything I eat for snacks.

I checked out which is a website for women ages 50+ which I just found out lol. But THIS ARTICLE >> Ten Healthiest Late-Night Snacks < < includes snacks I turn to, NOT just at night, but also between meals for a quick pick-me-up. Here are their 10 healthiest (late night) snacks: 1 – Whole Grain Crackers 2 – Cereal (w/low-fat milk for calorie counters) 3 – Whole Wheat Sandwich 4 – Greek Yogurt w/Fruit 5 – Dark Chocolate 6 – Bananas on Toast 7 – Low-Fat Cottage Cheese 8 – Blueberry Smoothies 9 – Fruit 10 – Popcorn If you click on the article, you can read on how each snack benefits your body. They informed me pretty well even though I knew most of the snacks from eating them, BUT I did not know that Bananas and Toast “contains complex carbohydrates, which cause your brain to release melatonin, helping you fall asleep more easily.” (ThirdAge 2013) I am going to try it before bed tonight!

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