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by Nick Swallow

Gabriel Clark is the kind of guy you call up when you’re gasping for a pounding- which is exactly what power-bottom Levi Karter is in need of at least once a day!


Levi is the perfect size for a man like Gabriel to pick up, toss around and slip his throbbing hard cock into, and that muscle ass Levi is sporting is as tight as it gets- milking the pre-cum out of Gabriel’s cock when he’s thrusting inside his hole.


Levi’s tattooed and smooth body is an incredible contrast against Gabriel’s hairy and beefy chest- it’s always super hot watching an older man taking his aggressive sex-drive out on a younger guy, and you can see that Gabriel knows what he’s doing by the looks of pleasure on Levi’s face…


Check out the trailer below and watch the whole scene here! 

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