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It’s Friday night, and here at the Cocky Beast we’re pleased to bring you an exclusive conversation with Cockyboys model and star of the upcoming Answered Prayers film The Actor: Levi Michaels. As you may or may not be aware, Levi is planning an event for tomorrow evening – not porn related, but for an even higher cause than jerking off – a 24-hour livestream of gaming for charity. The cause is homeless LGBT youth in New York City; the charity is the Ali Forney Center Foundation. As for the games Levi will be playing? I’ll let him answer that question himself. Read on to get Levi’s personal story about what inspired him to run this charity event on his Twitch.TV channel, and be sure to tune in tomorrow night at 8 Eastern – for fun, games and a good cause!

Cocky Beast: You’ve been living in NYC for a few months now. When did you first think of running a 24-hour gaming stream for charity?

Levi Michaels: About a month ago. It started getting cold and I kept thinking about the homeless and how the cold is only going to make their situation so much worse. I started brainstorming about how I could raise awareness without being overbearing and this is what I came up with.

Have you done similar charity events in the past, for LGBT youth? What has been your experience with homeless LGBT youth in NYC – have you come into contact with individuals in this situation?

I haven’t in my personal life, however as a gay public image, I receive a lot of messages from LGBT youth struggling with coming to terms with themselves, and more often with their families coming to terms with them. I think it’s a shame that this struggle exists, and I think it’s incredible there’s a center that these people can turn to for help.

You’ve chosen to make the Ali Forney Center Foundation the recipient of your charity event. How did you discover this foundation, and how did you approach them with your idea?

I found them through a referral from my viewers when I mentioned the idea of the stream in a vlog. After some research I decided I liked what they do and I wanted to help. To be honest, I haven’t spoken with anyone from the foundation. I check their website to make sure there was a place in which I could donate and decided that was all I needed. I don’t need to waste anyone’s time when I can just hand them the donations and be done with it.


How will the specifics of the livestreaming work – how will people donate, and what will be their motivation, aside from the obvious reward of helping out people in need?

I know it might seem strange if you’ve never watched a gaming stream before but the basic idea is that it will be sort of like watching live TV. I’ll be broadcasting myself playing video games and there is a live chat. I’ll be talking with people and telling them what their donations will go towards and when people donate, a message will flash across the screen for everyone viewing. They’ll have the opportunity to write a message to me that I will read live on stream. Sadly I won’t be able to stream shirtless or anything like to encourage donations because Twitch has very strict guidelines about that sort of thing.

Who do you expect your target audience to be – more gamers, or more LGBT individuals?

Hopefully both. I think gamers will find me naturally because Twitch is popular amongst that scene, but I’m hoping to bring a bit of an outside viewership through promotion with my own name through my other media mediums.


What are you most looking forward to about this event? What do you think will be the biggest challenge in gaming for 24 hours straight? (no pun intended!)

I think it’s going to be a blast. It’s going to be like when I used to pull all nighters to finish projects back in uni. There’s going to be delirium and laughter and friendship and fun. Staying awake for that long is going to be a challenge, since I haven’t done that in years, but I think the company I’ll have will help me laugh my way through it.

And last but not least, what game(s) do you plan to play during your livestream?

I’ll be playing with a variety of other gaymers, so a large part depends on who has which games when they play with me. But we can definitely expect to see some Destiny, some Guild Wars 2, and some Left 4 Dead 2. The rest will be viewer choice, I expect.

Thanks Levi! We look forward to seeing you live tomorrow night!


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