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by Quin


Let’s face it: there’s something totally hot about a guy who’s almost – but not quite – naked, especially when the underwear he’s in is as hot as aussieBum. The Underwear Expert recently did an interview and short video with Ricky Roman, and now they’re back with Levi Michaels. The blond bombshell stripped down and posed, for photographer Marco Ovando, in a number of different sexy undies – from Wood to Justin Case, all the while showcasing his classic Levi M look, slightly rugged, slightly aggressive, slightly teasing – and 100% sexy. We loved the photo shoot Marco did with Jake Bass for Homotography earlier this year, and this shoot is just as hot.  In fact, Marco is welcome to photograph any of our Cockyboys!

We have our favorite Levi looks, but we’ll let you pick out your own. Don’t forget to share your preference with the Underwear Experts and Levi too!


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