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by Quin


Liam Riley has done a few interviews since he started in porn, but this week we were proud to see his first interview as an official Cockyboy – with the hot gay publication Twisted Male Mag. In this concise interview Liam answers questions about an average day in his life, his experiences in the porn industry so far, and more fun facts about himself. Coming out just a week after his first scene with Cockyboys, Meeting Liam, this great little introduction to Liam really gives you a sense of this up-and-coming porn star’s personality and all the possibility he has awaiting him!

And that’s not all! RJ Sebastian, resident stud, “Mama Bear” and fabulous photographer/videographer for Cockyboys, was kind enough to provide Twisted Male Mag with a set of stunning photographs to accompany Liam’s interview. We’re used to the gorgeous photo sets RJ takes for the scene he films, complete with portrait style, nude and action shots, but these are something a little different. Just as sexy and dynamic as his usual work, these photographs also offer something a little more personal, individual. Liam is comfortable in his poses, yet pensive, intense. For those of you who may have been following this exceptional model since his career began early this year, you will be able to see him growing up a little in this article, both visually and in his thoughtful answers. Liam has shown something special to us from the very start. We’re just lucky he’s now sharing it with us.


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