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Last weekend, Foxygirls blog was back with more from Jake Jaxson, in part two of their insightful interview with our esteemed studio director. In this second half, porn reporter Miss Martine continues the conversation with Jake about Answered Prayers, working with different models, and some exciting new directions that Cockyboys is going with porn. But perhaps most engaging of all, Jake opens up about more details of his family life, from who among he and his two partners cooks the best meals, buys the most clothes, and is the most patient. You might be surprised by the answers – you will definitely be entertained.

Another highlight of this dynamic interview is the photo gallery included at the end, featuring candid photos of the throuple, some of their guests for the day and shots of their beautiful house and decor. You can see how at home everyone feels at “Camp Morecock,” both the pups and the puppies! The next best thing to making the trip yourself, this virtual visit really gives a taste of life with Jake Jaxson, RJ Sebastian, and Benny Morecock – and of course with their adorable dogs, Raif, Jackson, Sebastian, Bailey, and god-puppy Bella. As Jake Jaxson’s comment shows, those dogs really are a part of everything!

Part One – Jake Jaxson at Cockyboys Mansion
Part Two – Back at the Mansion


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