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by CallMeCocky

The Before The AfterGlow series continues, with two more RAW and uninhibited scenes!

On Tuesday, hunk Justin Matthews welcomed Cockyboys NEW exclusive Nico Leon. While Nico introduces himself, he admits he’s very sexually adventurous, and a vocal, role-play-loving bottom who gets turned on pleasing hot guys like Justin and being used.

Watch Before The AfterGlow: Justin Matthews & Nico Leon NOW at Cockyboys!

On Thursday, Wess Russel and Josh Moore explore Wess’ kinkier side with some BONDAGE fun. As it’s Wess’ first time being tied up with rope, he’s eager to lose control and let Josh dominate him. The teasing and edging builds slow, forcing both boys to throb and work up some massive loads!

Watch Before The AfterGlow: Josh Moore & Wess Russell NOW at Cockyboys!


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