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by CallMeCocky

Hung newcomer Nikko Russo made his Cockyboys debut this week, fulfilling Cory Kane‘s door-unlocked fantasy!

Exploring his submissive side while traveling, Cory wants the thrill of waiting ass-up on the bed, while inviting an anonymous stud to come over and use him. After discovering Nikko online, Cory assumes his position while stroking his throbbing cock and teasing his longing hole.

As Nikko enters the room with Cory’s ass in full view, he spanks, teases and rims Cory’s hole before coming around and fucking his face. After the two get a taste of each other’s fat, uncut meat, Cory flips over and begs to be fucked. Thrusting slow at first, Nikko picks up the pace, forcing Cory’s arms behind his back while he jackhammers him HARD.

Still inside Cory, muscular Nikko flips him with ease to his side and continues thrusting, before flipping him on his back to get even deeper. Nikko relentlessly drills Cory until he cums all over himself, and then shoots a massive load all over Cory as well… leaving Cory licking every last drop off of Nikko’s cock before kissing him goodbye.

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