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by Nick Swallow


Fort Troff is our favorite purveyor of sex-enabling materials, kink encouraging toys and cum impersonating lube, so when they offered to send us a big box of goodies we got super excited (and pre-cum leaky) and started wondering just what from their wide range of items we were going to get landing on our doorstep. Would it be a remote controlled vibrator (which we could accidentally-on-purpose lose inside Levi Karter)? A lifelike dildo called the Big Deal Dong? Or maybe a bum blaster?!


But what we got was even better! Upon opening our parcel we were so happy to have some amazing fetish gas masks to play around with (which we did at our Berlin book signing party on Friday, check out the pics below taken by Miss Martine over at Foxy Girls blog), and some great outfit bits like the Neo Mohawk Gauntlets, and Grunt Trigger Shorts which a few of the boys spent all night parading around in, much to the crowds approval…

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