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by Quin


So you’re into gay porn. If you’re a guy, you’re probably gay or bi, or at least curious. Either way, it’s safe to say you appreciate (if not worship) the male physique, and watching porn totally turns you on. But do you ever get turned on by guys in movies that aren’t porn – say, by a well-known actor, or a hot celebrity?

If so, Mr. Skin may have something for you that combines your silver screen and pornography fantasies: the nude male celebrity site, Mr Man. This ingenious site offers a comprehensive guide to male actors and celebrities who have, at some point in their careers, decided to bare it all for the camera. Dividing its categories by names, movies, and even TV shows, Mr Man has thousands of options for your viewing pleasure, including actors from the young and sultry Jake Gyllenhaal, to the brooding Joaquin Phoenix, to the careworn but dishy Martin Freeman and hot daddy Robert Duvall. I’m willing to bet you didn’t even know some of these celebrities had nude scenes in movies – and that’s only a fraction of the possibilities available to you. In this thorough index of sexy stars, you can even search by age, hair color, or specifications such as athlete or musician.

But wait: that’s still not all. Mr Man also offers a live cam channel with plenty more models to choose from, bringing real life action to you right on your screen. And if you still need more, there’s a blog discussing actors and the movies they get nude in, and plenty of updates on the most recent movies of interest, as well as older movies featuring male nudity that might have passed you right by before. Mr Man will keep you fully in the know about male nudity in movies… and that is a blockbuster too good not to get tickets for.


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