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by 00179024

Sound or lack of sound is always a key component in any visual we experience. It is an added element that many times takes on the feel of emotion that leads to its own characterization. This additional emotion just makes the visual more intense on many levels. Sound allows the visual to reach our souls, grasp on tight and never let go.


I have always been interested in the sounds around me probably because I have had poor vision from a early age. I have always been aware of the music I hear, the sounds people make and the environmental sounds that occur around me. Sound has always soothed me on various levels. I also enjoy moments of silence where my mind and soul can reconnect with the visual world around me. I see sound as a character in everything I experience.

Sound to me has always been part of my world in that it adds color to the visual I see. It has its own meaning that enhances the world. I am forever the observer so sounds of all type help bring the full story of what I see to me to me.

Jake Jaxson uses symbolism in all of his movies but not always in the way you anticipate. Symbolism is not just about what you see but what you hear. He uses sound to become an enhancement that evokes energy, emotion and involvement. He uses sound as an added character that adds many layers of interpretation to his work. It allows him to reach every member of his audience in some way. He uses sound in the form or music, words, environment, passion and silence to makes us become involved in the visual.


In Project GoGo Boy, the sounds of music and words are full of energy, intensity and edginess which enhances the drama of the emotions being expressed in what we see. It enhances the desire for connection, the wanting for acceptance, yearning for love, the pain of hurt and then reconciliation. The use of these sounds takes us out of ourselves into an entirely different place where we can empathize with the visual.


In Roadstrip, we have sounds that start off simple and grow to fullness to evoke the journey experienced. The tone of the story evokes sound to be soothing but loving to show the growth of love and respect between two people. Sound is used to show realization of the journey we are all on in life. Sound adds to the verbal where words cannot fully express love. In the end we are all on similar journeys and use sounds of all kind to help us get to where we want to go.


In the Haunting, sound is used in two main forms, musical tones and nature. They are enhanced at times with human voices and deep soul wrenching moments of pure absolute silence. Music and musical tones are used to evoke in us feelings of nervousness, curiosity, intenseness and fear. We all know this was done quite well. But the additional element of silence pulls us emotionally into the story so we feel the yearning for love, intensity of passion and the severity of loss on a lot of levels. Sound became more than a symbol of the elements but also a major character in this love story. I am not afraid to say that I cried at several points in the film.


In A Thing of Beauty we go along a different path with sound where nature, laughter and sweeping music are the main focus with the interactions of the characters. All the sound used enhances the intensity of the emotions played out. We start out with stress and sadness. We then go towards mellowness and acceptance. Then lastly we see intense love, respect and the joy that is life expressed. These are all the things we experience in our daily life. These sounds bring us to understand life and how to best enjoy it. The sounds used show respect for us as the audience so we understand how love is a gift in any form.

So we see how sound enhances our visuals on many levels. We are enveloped, pulled in multiple directions but left satisfied. Sound is its own character. It is its own symbol used to enhance the visual story.

How will Jake Jaxson use sound in his new movie? Will the sounds be combinations of music and external sounds as in other movies? Will we hear more sounds of the people participating in the scenes? Or will there be a lack of sound to intensify the visual? All are intriguing points that will add to the visual experience. Is your mind ready for ANY of these possibilities? Maybe it’s time to step out of the box to experience the unexpected because I think that is EXACTLY what Jake Jaxson wants from us! I know it is what I want to experience!

    Very nicely done, Lisa, and some food for thought! Really enjoyed reading this, and I know Jake will too!

    Lichen Craig
    September 19th, 2013 4:00 pm

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