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by Cilantro Che Guevara

Special CockyBoys Promo

Are you short on cash but still BIG on watching super hot gay men have sex with each other? Well sound the alarm ’cause we’re serving you promotional offer realness this week at CockyBoys. Starting now until the end of May, you can buy a two month membership for the price of one!

And if you’re still on the fences about joining the cocky clan, understand that you will be joining us smack dab in the middle of Jake Bass and Max Ryder‘s follow-up to the award-winning WTF-did-I-just-watch reality porno series Project GoGo Boy. And by “in the middle,” I mean that we have just released the first two episodes of ROADSTRIP and are gearing up for the releases of episodes III and IV! It’s basically like having a threeway with Jake and Max, with you sandwiched in the middle as Max plows you while Jake takes your cock up his Grabby Award-nominated butt cheeks.

Bravo Delta Dillon Rossi

Gabriel Clark Jett Black

Max Ryder Bel Ami

Until June, you can purchase 60 sweet sexed up days of watching all your favorite CockyBoys do things to each other that a lot of people go to church to distract themselves from thinking about for only $30! To give you a perspective on today’s harsh financial climate, here are five WORSE ways to spend $30:

– Taking your fag hag to see The Big Wedding.
– Getting dinner with a twink only to find out he’s “over” his older man phase.
– Getting dinner with your sugar daddy only to find out he expects to split the bill.
– Getting too gaysted at the gay bar when you mistakenly show up on Ladies Night.
– Subscribing to Cinemax to watch Jonathan Chase in “Chemistry” thinking it was a sequel to “Another Gay Movie” but realizing it’s actually some heterosexual Nicholas Sparks thing.

Free Gay XXXCockyBoys Gay SexFree Gay Movie

Also keep in mind that once you are a CockyBoys member, you can download all of our movies and watch them whenever you please! If you’re really broke for instance and can’t even afford the Internet, you can basically buy a membership through this special deal, go to your local library or community recreation center, double check with the clerks that adult sites aren’t blocked, download all of our movies within that 60 day period, cancel your $30 membership, and jerk off to everything CockyBoys has ever produced from the comfort of your home for the rest of your life!

Fair warning, though: once you join CockyBoys, you might feel inclined to stick around with us and let that membership rebill. We release new content every week and you will be the very first to watch it while all your other friends are probably watching their boners go soft when they find out Jonathan Chase has turned into a faux-mo.

Teaser trailer for RoadStrip Episode III: The Bangover!

As Olmec says to his trusty Legends of the Hidden Temple competitors after they get molested by Kirk Fogg but before they get molested by the Temple Guards, “the choice is yours and yours alone!” But since these promotional deals are for a limited time only and don’t happen that regularly, especially during our ROADSTRIP marathon, we advise you that this is the BEST time to become a CockyBoys member!

Special CockyBoys Promo

    “Fair warning, though: once you join CockyBoys, you might feel inclined to stick around with us and let that membership rebill.”

    So true! I joined almost a month ago and I did mainly because of Jake Bass & Roadstrip, but now I’m staying because Cockyboys is unique! A thing of Beauty, Roadstrip, Live Chats, Levi Karter, the Camera Man, Hayden Lourd… who would wanna miss this?? def not me!

    May 3rd, 2013 4:28 pm

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