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by Lushuslisa
The guys at Studmall are still hungover from partying with the Cockyboys last week at their Halloween bash at Lovegun NYC. The devil horns were out in full force and there’s even a rumor around the StudMall office that a staff member engaged in a three-way-makeout on the dancefloor! (Any photographic evidence, please forward our way.)

Getting back to work this week, Studmall is busy expanding its Download selection to bring you the best selection of movie downloads. So keep an eye out in the coming weeks for a bigger selection of movie downloads from Cockyboys, Videoboys, eBoys and Cobra; just to name a few. In the meantime, head over to Studmall for this week’s scene downloads from Jake Jaxson. JJ sent over two new scenes featuring Austin Wilde and Ricky Roman, and Three is the Perfect Number – Austin Wilde, Anthony Romero and Arnaud Chagall. Every weekend new scenes are introduced for a limited time at $3.99.

This weekend, catch an additional 66% all DVD’s. Cockybeast Readers get an additional $20.00 off their order of $60.00. Use coupon code:¬†Cockybeast¬†when you checkout!


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