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by Quin


Here at Cockyboys, where we create more than just porn, we are proud to include models who also create more than just porn. The latest scene in our So You Wanna Be a Cockyboy? series features Max Carter and Jaxon Radoc, and both their onscreen performances and other projects are something to talk about. So without further ado, let’s explore these talented boys… in more depth.

Jaxon comes to us all the way from Australia, and Max from sunny San Diego. Both blond, both lean, these guys felt the fireworks as soon as they saw each other. Since this was one of Jaxon’s first scenes for Cockyboys, we got some of his back story to start things off, and then let Max do the rest of the breaking in. There’s no question that Max is a pro at this – flirting shyly with Jaxon as they hang out at Berlin, taking over when they’re alone together. He may seem submissive at first, but Max utterly dominates Jaxon and then, like a true vers, lets Jaxon have his turn. Jaxon brings a genuine quality and authentic enjoyment of sex to his scenes; you can sense that he is unself-conscious being sexual in front of the camera, and this quality is both refreshing and titillating. Max reciprocates the passion easily – though still quiet, his facial expressions speak volumes, and the way he works his ass against Jaxon’s cock gives him away. By the time they get to the end, you’ll see the fireworks too.


But it doesn’t stop there. Outside of Cockyboys, Jaxon and Max are building their fans in other areas as well. Jaxon has a long-standing youtube channel where he answers fan questions (some porn-related, some just hilarious), all in that Australian accent of his that we love so much. What’s more, he is a talented rapper, with his EP Haze released earlier this summer. Short and sweet, the album features thought-provoking lyrics and dynamic beats; if you can’t get enough of Jaxon’s sexy voice, we recommend you check it out too and support him on iTunes! We hope to hear even more of his original work in the near future.

And as for Max, last week was the debut of his new website,, on which he tells the Max Carter story, showcases some of his work with both Cockyboys and Helix Studios, and shares glimpses of his inner world. In his first, particularly touching post, Max describes how he and his long-term boyfriend Kyle Ross have recently started experimenting with a three-part relationship involving another boy. Not only does this bring to mind our own throuple, Jake Jaxson, RJ Sebastian, and Benny Morecock, it’s also another example of how our Cockyboys are more than just porn models, and how they cross the bridge to reach their fans in other ways, letting them into their lives on a personal level. How fortunate we are – that both Max and Jaxon wanted to be Cockyboys!


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