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Cockyboys has just released the latest film in its legendary Answered Prayers series, and all we can say is, we hope it’s answered some of your prayers. Jam-packed with phenomenal performances from Max Carter, Max Ryder, Dean Monroe and Jake Bass, The Assumption of the Lamb furthers the story of Moloch and the Lamb, Seth: Son of Snakes, and Jinks. Jake Jaxson‘s creative vision, combined with RJ Sebastian’s photography skills, Cilantro Guevara’s editing magic and of course the talent of the models, make this film something worth talking about. So let’s talk about it!

Answered Prayers follows a number of characters through their various interactions and the effects they have on each other, all the while addressing issues of morality and sexuality in the modern age. In this episode, the dangers that evolve from making the wrong choice or giving in to temptation are explored; Moloch gives the Lamb over to Seth for his education, but no matter who his teacher is, the Lamb finds it hard to resist the power he senses within himself. And as Seth and the Lamb interact in this episode, the tension building between them isn’t just a power play – it’s also sexual in nature. How far the Lamb will go with his newfound knowledge remains to be seen, but he definitely knows how to use it for seduction!

There are stories going on behind the scenes of AP, as well. In Jake Jaxson’s introduction to the episode, he discusses the challenges of finishing a work of art, one that in this case has taken more than a year to finish, while still figuring out the direction of the story and the strengths of some of its main players. Not only have the models in this series moved in and out of episodes, but some have inevitably changed and grown throughout the past year, and one in particular would be Max Carter. JJ points out, “it literally took me a year to unlock the mystery that is Max Carter.” Max can come across as shy and quiet, but this presentation hides an inner richness of character and a capacity for acting that may not come across in the more traditional porn scenes he stars in. As Moloch, though, Max shines, albeit in a slightly creepy, malevolent way. We are proud of Max’s growth in ability and, as JJ mentions, the patience it took to get him to this point. Well done, Max!


We also have to acknowledge the incredible contribution that Dean Monroe made to this film. Coming out of his retirement to shoot one last scene, we couldn’t be more thrilled that ours was the project Dean decided to invest in. For those of you unfamiliar with him, Dean has a prolific body of porn work (and a pretty smokin’ body as well!) from his thirteen years of doing porn, before ever shooting for AP. So needless to say, it’s a huge compliment that Dean agreed to work with Cockyboys, and his chemistry with Max Ryder is off the charts. And of course, The Assumption of the Lamb wouldn’t be complete without the devotion of Jake Bass as the character of Jinks. Though Jake has recently stepped down from his role shooting porn with Cockyboys, his performances still speak for themselves, and this one is no exception.


The story of Answered Prayers has, itself, grown significantly since its inception last summer. While some films or stories seemingly spring to life fully formed, others form as they grow, and as such, AP can be viewed as a sort of living story, one that is dictated in part by events in in the lives of those participating in it. And you can be assured that it’s still growing, with plenty of secrets, surprises and steamy sex still to come!

Check out the trailer for The Assumption of the Lamb, and watch the whole scene here!

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