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by Quin

As you may have noticed, Cockyboys had two of their films shown at the Berlin Porn Film Festival over the weekend – Fuck Yeah Levi Karter and Answered Prayers: The Banker. These films are pretty special, each for different reasons, and we’re not the only ones who think so. Along with the attention they received at the festival, both FYLK and The Banker have been reviewed a number of times, and two of them come from our fellow bloggers Foxygirls.


After its emotionally-charged release last fall, Foxygirls blogger Miss Martine reviewed Fuck Yeah Levi Karter, noting its deeply personal story and the brilliant editing skills of Cilantro Che Guavara. And in November, with the release of The Banker, Foxygirls wrote about the intense storyline and sizzling chemistry between Ricky Roman and Jake Bass. Since the Answered Prayers series is ongoing at this point, the dvd collection has yet to be published, but FYLK was just released on dvd this weekend Рyou can buy it now on Studmall!

And while you’re waiting to get your dvd in the mail, take some time to read Foxygirls reviews of FYLK and The Banker.


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